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Working from home. . .

  • 2 min read

With our team working remotely from last week, we have adapted to ‘work’ isolation, but as enforced isolation and social distancing measures escalate in Australia due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) it has become hard to focus on anything else. 

For our little work family a big thing has been staying connected to one another. Just seeing each other’s faces in the morning on our Zoom calls has helped – it’s important. 

We have also been sharing the various ways we are making our coffee each morning. While we are all accustomed to grabbing a First Press cold drip coffee from the cool room at work, the endless combinations of what’s available at home in the pantry has led to some great combos.

Rhys – Warehouse Ops

He strongly believes in a Little Kicker straight from the bottle each morning before his run, and then in the afternoon an Almond Milk Iced Coffee. On brand!

Lachie – Sales

Straight up Original triple shot. Most commonly seen with a beaker full (actually!) in the office, this guy has cold brew in his veins. And before you ask – yes, there is cups available, the beaker is by choice.

Bec – Marketing

The Purest with sparkling water! Bec wants to drink coffee all day long, so has adopted a clever way to water it down but make it seem fancy. Made from Colombian and Ethiopian coffee, the sparkling water really brings out the berry and citrus notes. Oo la la.

Hamish – Cofounder / Production

Hamish is fasting, so with a Big Boy always on hand, he will mix 100ml with 2 teaspoons of Paleo Pure Keto Butter Bomb Coffee Creamer. Now made with 100% organic beans from Honduras, our original range is smooth, clean coffee at its best.

Jimmy – Cofounder / Business Development

Ok. He’s showing us all up. Jimmy has been making Banana Tumeric Cold Drip smoothies. YUM! Just pop all ingredients in a blender with some ice, pour and serve. Ingredients:

200mls First Press original cold drip
½ cup nut or coconut milk
⅛ tsp turmeric
⅛ tsp ceylon cinnamon
½ banana
¼ tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp maple syrup or favourite unrefined sweetener

Stay safe, stay connected. And if cold drip will help you get through the day our full range is available for home delivery from our online store, and at your local First Press stockist