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NEW Iced Coffees & the Rise of the Flexitarian

  • 3 min read

This last month has been a huge one for First Press Coffee with the launch of TWO new products – our Mocha Iced Coffee and our Iced Coffee No Added Sugar – both made with Australian almond milk. The development of these new additions to the Almond Milk familywere equal parts passion project and in response to the feedback of our community.

Both made with our signature cold drip coffee and Australian almonds, our Mocha is an indulgent treat made with sustainably sourced cocoa, while our No Added Sugar is exactly that – a creamy, healthy, iced coffee with not much else.

But why are we, passionate black coffee advocates, now passionate about plant based milk?

The truth is, although we are staunch black coffee drinkers most of the time, we also all enjoy the First Press Original range mixed with milk, in smoothies etc, and as many of us are now ‘flexitarian’ the ability to sub out dairy for a plant based milk is really appealing.

If you are saying ‘flexi-what?’ – its ok. It’s a term that is gaining prevalence in our modern day, but means simply (according to Health Line) “a style of eating that encourages mostly plant-based foods while allowing meat and other animal products in moderation”.

So why may a Flexitarian diet be worth exploring?

Obviously there are the ethical benefits associated with not using animals for their produce, but a flexitarian diet also offers benefits for your health, lifestyle and our environment.

Flexibility – it’s all in the name! This way of eating is all about inclusion rather than exclusion. It is the introduction of new foods, or varied quantities of foods you may have eaten previously. This helps you gain essential nutrients like protein from plant-based sources rather than meat – beans, legumes, peas, nuts and seeds as an example, are all excellent protein sources. There are also many meat substitutes now available like Beyond Meat, so you can still have your ‘beef’ burger, or ‘chicken’ parma. Don’t knock ‘em till you’ve tried ‘em, some of them are scarily close to the real thing.

Potential Health Benefits
Reducing meat consumption, and the consumption of highly processed foods, along with eating diets high in fiber and healthy fats can decrease your risk of heart disease and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Do your research though! We are not dieticians, you need to ensure whatever dietary choices you make, you are getting the right fuel and nutrients for your body first and foremost.

Reducing meat consumption is an essential part of our journey to positively affect climate change. The greenhouse gas emissions and natural resources used in animal farming at our current rate of consumption are detrimental to our environment .

The farming of plant proteins uses 11 times less energy than animal proteins, with far fewer resources required when compared to raising animals.

At First Press, we believe that if the most people in the world replaced some of their animal sourced meals with plant based options, the world would be a better place. You don’t have to jump to the extreme, but if everyone moves a little, there will be less stress on the environment and our bodies.

We are not alone in this belief, as plant based foods are one of the fastest growing categories in food and beverage.

And, if you do decide on a lower dairy consumption with your daily brew, we’ve got you covered plant based or straight up, ready to go straight from the fridge.