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First Press Cold Drip Coffee | Melbourne Made

Smooth, healthy and strong

Cold drip coffee is the result of a delicate extraction process that delivers a smooth,
sweet, black coffee, low in acidity and high in flavour and natural energy.

Our unique brewing process

Cold drip coffee requires timed contact with water and coffee, controlled by a slow drip and grind size. Every drop of water that flows through coffee grounds and collects aromatic compounds.

A less intense style of coffee from a traditional espresso without sacrificing on strength.

Our cold drip machines have been designed and built by our co-founder Hamish. Sputnik, New Horizon and Voyager take pride of place in our Melbourne HQ.

Taste the difference

The result of this process? A premium, high-quality brew with a smooth, subtle and full-bodied flavour and a clean finish.

Our concentrate has delicious hints of rich chocolate and hazelnut, while our ready-to-drink range dazzles with hints of berry and even floral notes.

The cold drip process helps bring out specific notes of the coffee, resulting in a complex taste easily differentiated from a traditional hot brew. Move over flat white.

Gives you superpowers

While our cold drip might not turn you into wonder woman or superman, it does give you a long-lasting and stable hit of energy that will make you think clearly, stay focused and productive, without the coffee jitters.

A generous shot of our BigBoy is perfect to help you stave off the 3pm slump, or a bottle of our Iced Coffee will help you tackle an overflowing inbox.

First Press Cold Drip Coffee | Melbourne Made