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Born and dripped
in Melbourne

First Press Coffee was launched in 2013 with the idea to rewrite the narrative of the daily coffee routine. Our mission is to energise any occasion and bring more moments of inspiration and joy to the world’s coffee drinkers.

Great coffee is a portal to energy and connection,and we want to create more of these positive experiences by simplifying the coffee ritual and making great coffee accessible to all.

Where it started

Founders Jimmy and Hamish saw the potential for a ‘better for you' convenient specialty coffee. A locally made grab and go style brew without the sugar, dairy and additives.

Many markets and tastings later First Press Coffee is now available in over 2000 locations in Australia, including major supermarkets, health food stores, bottle shops and bars.

Our difference

Local manufacture: all our coffee is roasted and brewed in Melbourne, Australia and our Oats and Almonds are Australian grown. This helps us reduce the environmental cost of logistics and supports Australian business.

Intellectual property: our cold drip machines have been designed and built by our co-founder Hamish. Sputnik, New Horizon and Voyager take pride of place in our Melbourne HQ.

Specialty coffee: we are committed to only using the specialty grade coffee. This is any coffee that has been independently graded and farmed at a significantly higher than average standard.

No refined sugar: we create a range of beverages that contain no refine sugar & and no dairy providing delicious healthy alternatives for Australian consumers.

Our promise

We are a specialty coffee driven company. Our beans are carefully selected by farm to ensure the quality and flavour of the bean, and the wellbeing of the grower and their community.

All of our products are made using our innovative cold drip coffee process, a delicate 10 hour extraction that delivers a smooth, sweet coffee, low in acidity and high in flavour and natural energy.