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Why should you drink First Press Coffee?

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Did you know to ensure the quality and consistency of our coffee we brew every drip at our Melbourne HQ in machines designed and built by our co-founder Hamish.

Read on to find out more about who what where and why...

Keep it pure

100% Organic Ethiopian coffee from the Sidamo region. Produced by smallholders from around Shantawene Village with UTZ Rainforest Alliance and C.A.F.E. practices certification. A naturally processed heirloom varietal with notes of chocolate, caramel and tropical fruits.

This is your ready to drink specialty coffee solution.

Keep it handy

A dazzling Colombian washed organic coffee. Sourced from family owned farms that are part of a producer association focused on cup quality, environmental conservation and supply chain transparency.

It’s rich toffee and hazelnut flavour profile delivers a strong taste and a smooth finish.

This is your friend in the fridge. 10 shots of specialty coffee for you to reach for when you need it.

A remastered classic

A delicious smooth dairy free iced latte made with premium Arabica coffee from the Brazilian region of Alta Mogiana.  

Balanced body and acidity, natural sweetness and caramelised fragrance this coffee pairs perfectly with our Australian almond and oat milks to bring you Iced Coffee 2.0, a healthy locally made alternative.