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The many uses of cold brew

  • 2 min read

Over the many years, we have had many chances to enjoy First Press. From it’s humble beginnings in the June 2013 we used to enjoy the very first batches before a run or gym session in the morning. This then grew to keeping us fuelled during white board sessions and those long nights of hand bottling to order. Since then, there has been many an occasion where First Press has been enjoyed. Here is just a few to get your imaginations rolling!


The party

Although the responsibilities of business and mature age have reformed our priorities, we remember our roots from creating First Press, the party. First Press is an excellent addition to the party, giving a delightful base for espresso martinis. For those who want to break free from the generic arrival with a wine or cheese platter to your friends gathering: Try a bottle of FP, vodka and some coffee liqueur  in hand. You will soon find yourself with many people in close vicinity in desperate curiosity towards your creations. 


The picnic

Sometimes lying down on some lush grass after a few too many nibbles on an antipasto can you leave you tired and unmotivated to pick up that frisbee. Reach for First Press, some ice and you are will find yourself completing some aerobatics you didn’t think were possible. No machine, no mess, no need for a cafe. 


Camping / hiking

Those long walks and philosophical banter can have you hanging for a cuppa, and sometimes the fire isn’t lit (or allowed). A bottle of cold brew will have you back in the game and reaching for those stars.



We are not sure why this hasn’t been done, but our technologically advanced civilisation still hasn’t worked out how to provide quality coffee to passengers on a plane. Be sure to take a kicker with you to absolve you from needed to drink their pathetic percolated excuse of a drink. Oh, and if you see Richard Branson on the street, please take him a kicker and tell him he needs this on his planes. We have tried.



This can double up for anyone wanting to stay for an extended period of time within a small area stomping to the sound of music. The days of vodka and redbull left when you turned 20, and sometimes you want something that isn’t in the form of alcohol (and fits in your pocket). Bring the kicker! Oh and a little disclaimer, stay hydrated with water as well.