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Bio-hacking with First Press

  • 3 min read

 So we all know that coffee can get us in the mood… (no, not that mood). The mood for productivity, getting things done and achieving goals. Rather than view coffee as something to help you get out of bed in the morning, we would rather redefine it as an accelerant of focus and a way for you to lift yourself both physically and mentally. So, we have put together a few little hacks to get the most out of your cold brew. You won't need a lab for these methods, or yak butter. 


Now we love having coffee, at all times of the day! But alas, science has a reason we shouldn’t reach for coffee immediately after you wake up. Generally, your cortisol levels are highest at this time of the day and the body is essentially caffeinating itself. Pumping yourself with coffee at this time won’t really do much and you will build a tolerance. Additionally, pumping your cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the morning may make you react like a car cutting you off is a military attack. Allowing your hormone levels to naturally work with their circadian rhythm in the morning will keep you in a more balanced state throughout the day and have you ready for that first cup around 9:30 am (depending on your rhythm).

No milk

We won’t go into the science of avoiding milk or dairy, but simply say that black coffee has a much more beneficial effect on your performance, being mentally and physically. Milk will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and decrease the amount of prime focus you will receive form your coffee. Any milk will generally have this impact, especially if drinking on an empty stomach. If this is too much of a leap at least try and reduce the amount of milk in the cup

Can I have some fat with that? 

If you are one to fast and have coffee on an empty stomach, try and add a little fat. We love pouring a little dose of coconut MCT oil in our coffee. This won’t put as much stress on your adrenals (stopping that crash) and soften the impact of coffee on your nervous system. 

Make a list.

We said that coffee is an accelerant of focus. Meaning that if you don’t really have a plan of what you want to do, then you might find yourself running around the house like a puppy about to go for a walk. You might think you are being productive but find yourself job switching and being distracted with shiny things and websites that tell you all about your friends. Having a strict list of things to do, removing all obstacles and hustling until you finish is an activity that thrives on the energy of the coffee bean. Look up the Pomodoro Technique for a method to avoid distractions. 

Have the occasional break.

In a brief description, coffee restricts the effectiveness of adenosine in our system and increases hormones like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine (the feel good hormones). Essentially, the more times we reach for coffee, the less impact caffeine has on our system. Limited the amount you have and occasionally having a day (or 2) can help reset this tolerance and have you getting the most out of your First Press. 

Hopefully, these little pointers can have you reaching for the stars after your First Press.