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First Press scores top honours in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards

  • 2 min read

We’re thrilled to announce that that the Big Boy and The Purest have taken out Gold, Editors Choice and Silver spots at the Australian Non-Toxic Awards

Australian Non-Toxic Awards became the first Awards in the world to recognise and celebrate non-toxic and socially responsible products, and they seek to make it easier and less confusing for all of us to make the safest and most ethical choices.

Now in their 2nd year,  The #ANTAwards celebrate products that are safe, ethical, sustainable, and responsible.

Safe – containing only non-toxic ingredients and materials.

Ethical – manufactured fairly using ethically-sourced ingredients & materials.

Sustainable – produced ensuring long-term environmental quality for future generations.

Responsible – beneficial to the welfare of local and global communities.

Sustainability and Ethical sourcing are two of the cornerstones of our beliefs at First Press, we are always striving to be better at what we do, and reduce our impact on the planet.

A big thank you to the judges for their kind words, and recognition of our hard work in making our cold drip coffee not only a great coffee experience, but our efforts to create a sustainable product.

What the judges had to say

As a non-coffee drinker (but lover) I really appreciate the smooth taste and absolutely loved this product. I tried it both hot and cold, and my partner and I highly rated the flavour. So easy to use, and works great in iced or hot drinks. I loved that the whole box of coffee came without plastic (except for the lids) and that the cardboard is recycled. Great to learn about the closed loop soft plastic recycling, too.

Jade Woodd

This is perfect for those who love a cold brew with the convenience of having it on the go from home. It’s fresh and delicious, and great to have coffee in glass containers, which are recyclable and highly reusable.

Larissa Tedesco

This is definitely my favourite coffee product I have tried. The favour is perfect, no bitterness and it is delicious as an iced coffee with oat milk or added into smoothies! It is also super handy that it has several servings per bottle so generally enough for the whole week. I also really love the packaging, marketing and quality of these products. I will reuse the glass bottles which is always a bonus when purchasing food products too!

Phoebe Conway

Delicious with or without milk. So smooth and has a natural sweetness making it taste like an iced coffee with milk without even adding any sugar. This is going to be a summertime staple for me! I love that it is made with organic coffee from an ethical, single origin transparently traded source.

Emily Fletcher

A delicious cold-drip coffee that can be enjoyed with or without milk, with tasting notes of red berries, dark chocolate and hazelnuts. Perfect over ice. I truly appreciate that First Press has partnered with Rumble Coffee, who source directly and transparently from the coffee farmer in Honduras.

Emma Freeman

For more information please check out @australian_non_toxic_awards