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Wrapping up 2017 with First Press

  • 2 min read

Q&A with Hamish + Jimmy,

It's been a big year for First Press. Amongst the common trials and tribulations of growing First Press, a few big changes have taken place. A new production facility has been built, the RTD range has finally hit the shelves with a brand revamp & expansion into two new states, keeping us both on our toes.  

Among these changes we have learnt some great lessons, strengthened our community and are ready for a rambunctious 2018.

The First Press Family sitting patiently, awaiting consumption...

Sum up 2017 in three words:

J: Pushing the limits
H: Into the wild

Biggest lesson learnt in 2017:

J: The value of our community around us. We don't feel energised both personally and as a business if we aren't connecting with others around us and looking for opportunities to collaborate and grow as a community. We are incredibly grateful to have such an amazing network of suppliers, customers and friends. Without them we have nothing. 
H: Having a deeper understanding of our coffee has made me fall in love with the industry. Meeting the farmer and seeing how much heart goes into the process from seed to bottle has made me infinitely more inspired to sell great coffee. Transparency has become incredibly important and we believe that the wider world needs to understand the process that has gone into their cup of coffee. 


Biggest challenge:

J: Trying to release two new products, expanding into two states whilst in the middle sneaking a month long expedition to Burning Man (sorry Hamish) was one of the hardest things I've ever had to juggle. 
H: Scaling up our production facility while still keeping the heart and soul of something that you used to make in a small batch cold drip coffee. 

 Favourite collaboration:

J: We are incredibly rapped with brand revamp and design of our new products. Meeting Sons of Smith has made us think deeper about our brand, what we want to express from our products and what we are really trying to bring to the shelves. This work make you realise that it's a lot deeper than just cold drip coffee. 
H: Our partnership with our roaster Rumble has taught us immensely about the coffee industry. They put transparency, quality and good ethics above everything and this transfers to the amazing beans they source. 

Finish this sentence: Next year we will.....

J: Bring out two new products that will change the face of the cold coffee market.
H: Really start to explore how we can innovate in the environmental space and give back to the planet. 

 Adios Muchachos!