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Fuel your run with a Little Kicker, natures pre-workout.

  • 2 min read

As some of our First Press fans may know, Co-Founder Hamish ticked a big one of his bucket list yesterday taking part in the 2018 Melbourne Marathon. We’re proud to report, fuelled by First Press, he also managed to finish the whole 42.19km. Legendary.

While he will tell you it's due to hard work, training and dedication, let’s face it - it’s also the cold drip, a point that is actually scientifically proven. A shot of your favourite coffee before you hit the treadmill or track not only gives you the energy to get out the door but can also improve performance and endurance.

Caffeine is an excellent natural way to fuel your body for exercise, as well as increasing energy levels, it actually helps to create lower levels of perceived exhaustion. This combined with its ability to increase your concentration endorphins means you will be feeling positive, alert and be cracking your personal records!

Now, if you’re pounding the pavement for inner and outer health, the great news is caffeine increases your bodies ability to burn fat by enhancing its use of fat as fuel. If you get your caffeine hit with a pure black cold brew coffee like Fist Press, unlike some other performance drinks,  there is no unhealthy additives so it's also calorie free.

‘But First Press’ we hear you cry, ‘I don’t like black coffee’. Until now. The unique First Press Cold Drip extraction method creates a less acidic brew with a smooth taste and low acidity. It’s made to drink black and is gentle on your stomach and digestive system.

We admit he’s biased, but we asked Hamish about his love of First Press concentrate as part of his pre-run ritual “I really struggle running on a full stomach so for me coffee with milk is just not an option. A First Press Lil Kicker from the fridge and straight from the bottle about 15 minutes before a run is a simple, natural way to get a great boost. Our cold drip extraction method also mean you get all the boost, with none of the usual crash associated with coffee - a must if you’re planning on running any kind of distance”

Still not convinced? Check out what some of the experts are saying:

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No more excuses! Get some Little Kickers in the fridge and get those sneakers on.

First Press 100ml Little Kickers available online here, or from a stockist near you.