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Why Cold Drip?


At First Press Coffee, we believe in designing better ways to live. That is why we have created a cold extracted coffee that tastes smooth and gives you a healthy kick to live a productive and inspired life. We do this by sourcing specialty grade coffee and placing it through a unique dripping system that creates an excellent taste and clean finish.


Drinking cold drip allows you to notice the subtleties between the origin and quality of the beans, and the effort that has gone into your cup. It’s a patient process that involves dripping cold water through ground coffee over a period of 10 hours. Unfortunately, you can’t watch your barista make this one on your break.

Much thought goes into the the specific bean, how it is roasted and when it’s time to drip (and sip!). You will enjoy the subtleties of the coffee bean without the overpowering acidity or bitterness that can come with heat extracted coffee. The specific notes of the coffee bean will be accentuated through the cold drip process and will bring you a complex taste easily differentiated from a traditional hot brew.


Cold drip can be a healthier choice on two fronts. It is a less acidic brew that is soft on the digestive system. Secondly, as it’s a smooth taste there is less of a need to add other ingredients like milk and sugar to neutralise the acidity. It’s a pure black coffee that will not play havoc on your blood sugar levels.

With cold drip, you can’t really use a low grade quality coffee and get away with it. Cold drip will let you know how the state of the bean, and how it’s been treated from farm to bottle. It’s honest, to the point and will treat you well. Read about where our coffee is sourced to understand that we take our coffee sourcing seriously. 


As it’s less acidic, the body processes the caffeine in a different way, giving you a slow uptake that doesn’t feel like you have touched an electric wire. Don’t be mistaken, First Press will give you energy that will make you feel clear and focused. The impact of First Press allows you to function physically and mentally at new levels without the jitters that can sometimes come with a strong coffee.


Did we mention it’s convenient? Let’s face it, you are busy focusing on bringing your magic to the world. We have worked tirelessly to bring you a slowly brewed coffee that you can have straight from the bottle. Where is your coffee? It’s in the fridge.