Smooth, healthy & strong

Made with the highest quality Brazilian coffee beans, our cold drip features rich chocolate and hazelnut flavours with a strong taste and smooth finish. Perfect for the coffee lover who needs a strong buzz.
Why cold drip?

If you’re new to cold drip and wonder what all the fuss is about, you are in for a treat. Apart from the clean, delicious and full-bodied flavour and long-lasting energy kick a shot (or two) of First Press gives you, our cold drip is also a healthy and sustainably produced brew that’s good both for you and for the planet.


In fact, we dare say that once you have a sip of First Press, it might just take your coffee experience to a whole new level… kind of like how we imagine the experience of going from black and white film to colour (whoa).

Our unique brewing process

Our custom-built cold drip production facility ensures we get the best out of the bean. We start by sourcing specialty grade coffee from sustainable sources and then place it through a unique dripping system (built by our co-founder engineering wiz Hamish); a patient process that involves dripping cold water through ground coffee over a period of 10 hours. We then carefully bottle our coffee, and it’s off to a new home – our stores or directly to you.

Taste the difference

The result of this process? A premium, high-quality brew with a smooth, subtle and full-bodied flavour and a clean finish. Our concentrate has delicious hints of rich chocolate and hazelnut, while our ready-to-drink range dazzles with hints of berry and even floral notes. The cold drip process helps bring out specific notes of the coffee, resulting in a complex taste easily differentiated from a traditional hot brew. Move over flat white.

A healthier alternative

Did we mention that our cold drip also packs a serious punch in the health stakes? Compared with your standard latte or long black, First Press is low on acidity so gentle on your body and blood sugar levels. As you take your first sips your body will process the caffeine differently and slower, meaning you’ll get a sustained hit of energy without the caffeine crash.


The smooth taste of cold drip also means that you won’t need to add milk and sugar to reduce the bitter taste of a standard espresso. If you’re not ready to jump on the black coffee train just yet, First Press does taste delicious with a dash of coconut cream, almond milk or why not as a base for bulletproof coffee!

Gives you Superpowers

While our cold drip might not turn you into wonder woman or superman, it does give you a long-lasting and stable hit of energy that will make you think clearly, stay focused and productive, without the coffee jitters. A generous shot of our Big Boy or Purest is perfect to help you stave off the 3pm slump, power through your exercise or tackle an overflowing inbox. You can even get it delivered to your home or office so you are never without an ice cold brew.