Working from home. . .

With our team working remotely from last week, we have adapted to ‘work’ isolation, but as enforced isolation and social distancing measures escalate in Australia due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) it has become hard to focus on anything else. 

For our little work family a big thing has been staying connected to one another. Just seeing each other’s faces in the morning on our Zoom calls has helped – it’s important. 

We have also been sharing the various ways we are making our coffee each morning. While we are all accustomed to grabbing a First Press cold drip coffee from the cool room at work, the endless combinations of what’s available at home in the pantry has led to some great combos.

Rhys – Warehouse Ops

He strongly believes in a Little Kicker straight from the bottle each morning before his run, and then in the afternoon an Almond Milk Iced Coffee. On brand!

Lachie – Sales

Straight up Original triple shot. Most commonly seen with a beaker full (actually!) in the office, this guy has cold brew in his veins. And before you ask – yes, there is cups available, the beaker is by choice.

Bec – Marketing

The Purest with sparkling water! Bec wants to drink coffee all day long, so has adopted a clever way to water it down but make it seem fancy. Made from Colombian and Ethiopian coffee, the sparkling water really brings out the berry and citrus notes. Oo la la.

Hamish – Cofounder / Production

Hamish is fasting, so with a Big Boy always on hand, he will mix 100ml with 2 teaspoons of Paleo Pure Keto Butter Bomb Coffee Creamer. Now made with 100% organic beans from Honduras, our original range is smooth, clean coffee at its best.

Jimmy – Cofounder / Business Development

Ok. He’s showing us all up. Jimmy has been making Banana Tumeric Cold Drip smoothies. YUM! Just pop all ingredients in a blender with some ice, pour and serve. Ingredients:

200mls First Press original cold drip
½ cup nut or coconut milk
⅛ tsp turmeric
⅛ tsp ceylon cinnamon
½ banana
¼ tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp maple syrup or favorite unrefined sweetener

Stay safe, stay connected. And if cold drip will help you get through the day our full range is available for home delivery from our online store, and at your local First Press stockist

Clean Mocha Slice – YES!

We LOVE when we receive recipes from our community! This drool worthy slice featuring our organic original cold drip came from our friend @eatingforfuel (via instagram) who has a huge selection of recipes for those focused on natural, clean diets. We are pumped to share this one!

🍫☕️ It’s time for a clean MOCHA SLICE! 🍫☕️ Are you a chocolate lover? What abouuuut a coffee lover? If you answered yes to either of these, you will LOVE this slice!⁠
. . .⁠
This slice is gluten free, refined sugar free, all natural, vegan, and dairy free! If you love great quality/delicious coffee I highly recommend @firstpresscoffee !! Can confirm both the espresso (pictured) and the pre-made almond milk coffees are the bombbbbbbb! 💣☕️🍫⁠
. . .⁠
1 & 1/2 cup oats⁠
2 tbsp of coconut oil @naturalrawc
A pinch of salt⁠
6 large medjool dates, soaked to soften⁠
. . .⁠
100g cashews, soaked⁠
1 tbsp Maple syrup (I used sugar free)⁠
1 cup shredded coconut⁠
One-two pure espresso shots @firstpresscoffee
2 tbsp coconut oil @naturalrawc
1 tbsp cocoa powder⁠
. . .⁠
Chocolate of choice! I used 85% cacao dark choc (I used @lindt) and desiccated coconut, but just use a vegan chocolate here to make the entire recipe vegan 🌱 . . .⁠ Method:⁠
1. Line a slice tray with baking paper⁠
2. For the base, blitz/blend all ingredients together until smooth, and place in the tray. Pop in the fridge⁠
3. For the filling, again blitz together the ingredients until smooth, cover the base and pop in the fridge⁠
4. While this chills, melt your chocolate of choice over low heat, and cover the top of the slice. Set in the fridge or freezer (I kept mine in the freezer) and ENJOY x

First Press Original – Now 100% Organic

We are very excited to announce that the coffee we use for our First Press Original Range – 100ml Little Kicker & 500ml Big Boy – is now 100% organic. 

Why organic coffee? 

Organic coffee is coffee that has been grown without the use of chemicals such as artificial fertilisers and pesticides. 

Our coffee has been sourced from the Cerro Bueno Estate, La Paz, Honduras. Honduras is the 5th biggest producer of coffee by volume in the world. Due to its wide range of climates and rich soil, the country has become known for producing prized coffees with diverse flavor profiles.  

Luckily for us, one such flavour profile has a bold rich chocolate base with notes of nut and caramel. This is perfectly matched to the original profile of our Kickers and Big Boys, formally from Brazil. 

Cerro Bueno Estate, located 1560 miles in the Marcella region of La Paz, is known for their sustainable farming practices. This includes a unique process of growing coffee under shadow trees of different species to help flora and fauna around the region. ⁠

What are the benefits of organic coffee? 

The general consensus is that consuming organic foods is better for you. While there is not necessarily greater nutritional value, there is less risk of consuming residual chemicals. 

Importantly for us here at First Press, there is also a huge number of environmental benefits associated with organic farming. 

Primarily this is associated with soil quality. Due to an excessive use of chemicals, modern farming has decreased soil fertility, and increased poor water quality with issues like blue-green algae and salinity. 

Organic farming also has a strong focus on sustainable farming practices. This involves both working in harmony with natural ecosystems while using renewable resources and conserving water.

As sustainable and ethical coffee sourcing is one of the key pillars of our business, we always look to support producers who are invested in sustainability, their land and their people. This includes purchasing coffee from producers who are Rainforest Alliance Certified which ensures environmental protection. You can read more about the sustainable sourcing practices of our other ranges here

Where you can find our Organic Range?

Our Organic Originals Range is available now from both our online store, and your local First Press stockist