Introducing First Press Black Cocktail Mixer

Did somebody say Espresso Martini time? The First Press team have been hard at work, slaving in fact, on creating a special formulation of our classic Cold Drip concentrate specifically for use in coffee based cocktails. It’s smooth, bold, strong and delivers the ultimate Espresso Martini crema – thick, long lasting, luscious, delicious.  

The R&D on this bad boy has been a real slog, we swear! Many long hours spent mixing and drinking cocktails, sigh. But all our hard work has paid off, this cocktail mixer is really something special.

The delicate cold drip coffee extraction process creates a smooth black coffee, lower in acidity and naturally sweeter than traditional espresso. This makes it perfect for coffee cocktails as you don’t have to balance any bitterness or acidity with sugar syrups. It also makes a bold black coffee to drink alone. Interestingly, the cold drip process also extracts higher protein levels from the coffee grounds which helps to deliver an espresso martini crema unlike any other.

Just like our current range, the coffee is of course all specialty grade, sourced ethically from farms with sustainable agricultural practices. But how does it differ from our regular Cold Drip concentrate we hear you ask? Firstly we have worked closely with our coffee roasters Rumble Coffee to source and roast beans specifically for espresso cocktails. Robust chocolate, hazelnut and plum flavours, with a rounded palate. Secondly, we have produced the cold drip at triple strength. This ensures that when mixed, you have great coffee flavour without the need to use a lot of volume. Phew. No watering down your booze.

So what now? Obviously you can tell your local bar to get on board – we don’t want you drinking sub par Espresso Martinis when there’s First Press Black available.

And you can also grab yourself a bottle from our online store and get mixing.

Don’t forget to snap your creations and share with us on the socials – @firstpresscoffee – Instagram & Facebook

Here’s our favourite recipe to get you started!

First Press Black – Classic Espresso Martini 


  • 30ml Vodka
  • 30ml Coffee Liqueur
  • 45ml First Press Black Cold Drip
  • Ice


Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass to serve.

If you are a bartender reading this, realising that your time could be better spent slinging quality cocktails rather than spending hours batch pulling espressos – get in touch! Your venue can save time and money, and most importantly ensure consistent, delicious premium coffee based cocktails, every serve.

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