Sustainable and ethical coffee sourcing

o coffee estate in Brazil

As First Press Coffee grows and we introduce new products like our Almond Milk Iced Coffee we are exposed to more options for coffee bean sourcing. How we assess these options to make our sourcing choices is intrinsically linked to the core values of our business. 

So what do we look for?

Obviously quality is important. We use only specialty grade coffee which isn’t that common for your usual supermarket RTD iced and cold brew coffees. It is something we pride ourselves on, but to us quality is more than just delicious consistent cold drip coffee flavour. 

Quality is also about the relationships we have with our suppliers and the relationships they themselves have with their networks and communities. Our coffee roasters Rumble have direct relationships with all producers ensuring quality of supply. They have also developed a unique roast profile for our beans ensuring consistency of flavour for our cold drip. Most importantly though, they purchase all of their coffee via transparent trade. This means they publish all their purchase prices, which are well over market rate, so we can be sure producers are paid a fair price. A price that allows them to reinvest in their people and their land. 

One of these producers is O’Coffee in Brazil who supply the 100% arabica beans for our Almond Milk Iced Coffee and our First Press Black Cocktail Mixer  range. A big focus for O’Coffee is investing in the livelihood of employees and their families. They support the community in many different ways including providing volunteers and donations to local schools and kindergartens, supplying vegetable seedlings for over 30 families to plant crops each year, and providing a range of training and education courses for all. 

Along with quality and community, it is also integral to us that our producers use ethical and sustainable farming practices. Global organisations like Rainforest Alliance and UTZ offer certifications for producers that meet stringent guidelines and standards for categories including sustainable framing and agricultural practises, wildlife conservation and fair treatment and good conditions for workers.

O’Coffee are not only Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified, they are also one of the first companies to be Rainforest Climate Module Certified in Brazil. 

These certifications have been awarded due to the O’Coffee’s standout Environmental Management Plan which includes initiatives like ecological treatment of pests, large scale waste management/composting programs and most impressively, massive areas of permanent preservation. There are approximately fifteen million square meters at O’Coffee exclusively devoted to preservation and conservation of native species. 

As well as our Almond Milk Iced Coffee and Black Cocktail Mix range, our classic range of cold drip uses coffee sourced directly from four farms owned by the Gabarra Teixeira family in Brazil.

We have had the pleasure of meeting the son Pedro who has informed us of how they contribute to the community and the land. Not only are they Rainforest Alliance Certified, but they have built two large aviaries to rehabilitate and release birds (mostly rescued from illegal trade).

They are also doing another project which involves reforestation of 20 hectares of their land. Students from nearby schools are invited to come for planting days and educated about forest animals. They are also focused on research and the relationship between the wildlife and farming practices. Last year there was a research project studying mammal habits along the coffee plantation, and this year studying the relationship between pollinators on different kinds of coffee plantations. 

For us, there’s a lot more than cold drip that goes into each bottle of First Press. Quality, community, transparency and sustainability – just a few of the added ingredients that matter to us. 

Explore our range of sustainable and ethical cold drip coffee.

Introducing First Press Black Cocktail Mixer

Did somebody say Espresso Martini time? The First Press team have been hard at work, slaving in fact, on creating a special formulation of our classic Cold Drip concentrate specifically for use in coffee based cocktails. It’s smooth, bold, strong and delivers the ultimate Espresso Martini crema – thick, long lasting, luscious, delicious.  

The R&D on this bad boy has been a real slog, we swear! Many long hours spent mixing and drinking cocktails, sigh. But all our hard work has paid off, this cocktail mixer is really something special.

The delicate cold drip coffee extraction process creates a smooth black coffee, lower in acidity and naturally sweeter than traditional espresso. This makes it perfect for coffee cocktails as you don’t have to balance any bitterness or acidity with sugar syrups. It also makes a bold black coffee to drink alone. Interestingly, the cold drip process also extracts higher protein levels from the coffee grounds which helps to deliver an espresso martini crema unlike any other.

Just like our current range, the coffee is of course all specialty grade, sourced ethically from farms with sustainable agricultural practices. But how does it differ from our regular Cold Drip concentrate we hear you ask? Firstly we have worked closely with our coffee roasters Rumble Coffee to source and roast beans specifically for espresso cocktails. Robust chocolate, hazelnut and plum flavours, with a rounded palate. Secondly, we have produced the cold drip at triple strength. This ensures that when mixed, you have great coffee flavour without the need to use a lot of volume. Phew. No watering down your booze.

So what now? Obviously you can tell your local bar to get on board – we don’t want you drinking sub par Espresso Martinis when there’s First Press Black available.

And you can also grab yourself a bottle from our online store and get mixing.

Don’t forget to snap your creations and share with us on the socials – @firstpresscoffee – Instagram & Facebook

Here’s our favourite recipe to get you started!

First Press Black – Classic Espresso Martini 


  • 30ml Vodka
  • 30ml Coffee Liqueur
  • 45ml First Press Black Cold Drip
  • Ice


Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass to serve.

If you are a bartender reading this, realising that your time could be better spent slinging quality cocktails rather than spending hours batch pulling espressos – get in touch! Your venue can save time and money, and most importantly ensure consistent, delicious premium coffee based cocktails, every serve.

For wholesale enquiries you can reach us at:


p: 1300 768 654

The Cold Drip trick for Intermittent Fasting

This month we are excited to share a guest blog with you from our friend Kane Draper. Smart50 & BRW Fast 100 award winner, with a background in Health Science Medicine and Business Development, Kane has spent many years studying human function and developing tools and principals to optimise output both personally and professionally. His personal blog has a unique focus on productivity hacks in which he is now in the process of penning a book due for release later this year.

An admitted First Press fan, we were thrilled to see cold drip coffee feature as part of his Fast Benefits blog, about intermittent fasting. Enjoy!

– – –

There are so many buzz word diets circulating these days….ketogenic, paleo, vegan, superfoods, probiotic-rich. The volume of information can be overwhelming to say the least! So let’s push that aside for a moment and talk about something that all of us can immediately implement for better health. 

Got your attention yet?

First; let me offer you a couple of facts around a way-of-life that I introduced to my life around 2 years ago that has been an absolute game changer for me and the family & friends around me that have also implemented it. I’m sleeping better, I have more energy during the day and I maintain a consistent weight and still get to enjoy the good things in life; like deserts and carbohydrate-rich foods. Sounds too good to be true right? Read on..

Here are some facts about our body functioning:

FACT: Every single known chronic disease (and you can choose anyone you like – diabetes, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis, even more recently publicised ones like autism and celiac) all have 1 thing in common – they all start with chronic inflammation in the body).

FACT: 90% of all human cells are non-human cells. Really? Yep. We are a living organism consisting of thousands of forms and strands of bacteria, viruses, worms, etc. Our experiences in life are shaped by changes within our non-human cells – from the simple cold and flu through to the more ruthless terminal disease.

FACT: In the Western world, we are blessed with an abundance of easily attainable processed foods – which means we have transformed into an existence of grazers. A society of over-eating. Rather than eating at set-times, 3 times a day, 78% of us choose to consume our nutrients regularly and in small portions. Why is this less than ideal? We never give our guts the opportunity to fully recover and replenish itself.

FACT: For those of us looking to lose weight – we live in a world of glucose-dense foods. Glycogen is the principal storage form of glucose. Glycogen is stored in the liver. It takes our body’s a minimum of 12 hours of fasting to be able to access these glycogen stores (and become a fat-burning machine) and then 1-2 days of zero carbohydrates to completely deplete the glycogen stores.

So how do we counteract some of the scary stuff I’ve just pointed out? Well you better get to the doctor real quick…no, no, no! Its much easier than that!

Just give your body a rest from food every day. Yes, I’m referring to INTERMITTENT FASTING. Here are the benefits of using this in your everyday life;

BENEFIT: Insulin levels drop significantly facilitating a state of fat burning. The body will commence cellular repair process in the pancreas – an organ that NEVER gets a break when we graze on food.

BENEFIT: In as little as 14 days, you will have significantly increased your insulin sensitivity and your body will begin to better optimise the use of nutrients consumed within your food rather than storing or passing them as waste.

BENEFIT: Significant reduction in overall body inflammation. This guarantees that you will generally feel better, sustain energy throughout the day and help you recover much faster from injury. Chronic disease literally becomes impossible when there is no inflammation in the body

BENEFIT: Initial studies have shown that fasting may help to prevent the development of cancerous cells through the body initiating the cellular waste removal process. In short; the exponential growth of cancerous cells is restricted.

So how do you implement this?

Pick an 8-hour window that you wish to consume food. For example; mine is between 12 midday and 8pm every day. And then for the other 16 hours (which obviously includes your time of sleep) just get by on liquids that don’t contain any calories. The moment you consume any food or liquid that contains calories, you will break your fast. So try these to get through your fasting window;

  1. Water. Probably the most obvious one. We all know that we need more water consumption in our diets. The age-old number is around 2 litres daily. But if you are looking for concrete advice on how much is right for you – look within. Your body is an optimised machine and will alert you in times of need. Drink up when you’re thirsty and drink up when you sweat/exercise more. 
  2. Coffee. Make it black. At 4:55am every morning, I kick things off with hot water and lemon juice (rich source of Vit C and protects the body from immune system deficiencies). I back this up with cold drip coffee – it is less acidic and bitter than a regular espresso meaning it is easily enjoyed black. No sugar, no dairy and no additives mean zero calories and zero carbs and, working hand in hand with intermittent fasting; it will suppress appetite. Regular espresso tends to also give you a quick caffeine jolt and short energy burst followed by a crash whereas cold drip is a steadier balanced energy source – ultimately a sustained, controlled caffeine boost.
  3. Herbal teas. There are literally hundreds of varieties and options on the market these days. Just be mindful of the ones which contain fruits or ‘fruit infusions’ with enticing combinations like strawberry or mango. These will release glucose into the water which will break your fast. I tend to stick to peppermint, lady grey and lemongrass/ginger as my go-to options. 

So where to from here?

Pick the “eating window” to suit your lifestyle. If you can’t go without breakfast consider having an early dinner around 5pm and fast until 9am. Or, if you like to have dinner but don’t eat until 8:30-9pm at night – push your next meal back to 1pm the following day. The immediate benefits to your energy levels and general well-being will amaze you!

Live the life you love. 

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