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It has been 4 years since we have introduced the first bottles of delicious First Press Cold Drip coffee. The 50ml Little Kicker being bottled by hand before the long day at the Farmers Market is a fond memory.
The old 50ml little kicker. The drinks that started the First Press journey.
Since then, we have learnt some more about the market, lost a few hairs through the perils of running a business and become more inspired to bring you premium experience through bottled coffee. One thing that we have noticed customers ask is whether we can make a larger drink to enjoy as a coffee. We had the 50ml kicker (which turned to 100ml) and the 500ml bottle which contains 10 shots, not an easy feat to continually sip throughout the day. While these drinks have been great for those who love a strong coffee or wanting to mix with other ingredients, we have felt a need to venture our range into the ‘grab and go’ convenience market. A coffee that is a little less strong but still contains the favoured taste and clean buzz that is renowned with cold drip and cold brew coffee. We have been working diligently over the winter months for our new creations. They have been inspired by cold brew trends in other markets and the desire to create cold drip beverages to a wider market.
Alas, it is time to introduce the new gang, our line of ready to drink cold drip coffees.
‘The Purist’ was a result of wanting to offer a beverage that displays the floral notes of coffee. A lighter roast with beans from Colombia and Ethiopia, this coffee will have strong berry notes with a dash of chocolate on the finish. The intention of this drink was to display some of the sweeter notes of coffee through cold drip coffee without adding any additives. While it’s a lighter strength on the pallet, the drink itself is strong in caffeine and will give you the creative force you desire.
‘Black Cacao’ is our first adventure into the black cold drip coffee with adding a dash of some very tasty ingredients. Using our Brazil bean which is used for our naked range, we have created a lighter brew. This gives a soft taste profile with chocolate and citrus notes. We have added cocoa into the mix and a hint of coconut sugar. Our intention is for the coffee to still remain the hero, and not overpower it with other ingredients that swallow the beautiful subtle notes that occur through cold drip coffee. Think of a black mocha with a slight sweetness and a lingering chocolate finish. We love this for a dash of indulgence without putting a rocket on your sugar levels.
The new ready to drink range from First Press
They have been on the shelf for a few weeks, but we have been sipping away for months to perfect the formula. They are great to sip over time when you want a lighter finish on the pallet. Don’t be fooled though, the word ‘lighter’ does not mean you won’t feel the clean buzz of First Press. Take a sip, get to work and hustle towards success.

Fuel your run with a Little Kicker, Natures pre-workout

As some of our First Press fans may know, Co-Founder Hamish ticked a big one of his bucket list yesterday taking part in the 2018 Melbourne Marathon. We’re proud to report, fuelled by First Press, he also managed to finish the whole 42.19km. Legendary.


While he will tell you it’s due to hard work, training and dedication, let’s face it – it’s also the cold drip, a point that is actually scientifically proven. A shot of your favourite coffee before you hit the treadmill or track not only gives you the energy to get out the door but can also improve performance and endurance.


Caffeine is an excellent natural way to fuel your body for exercise, as well as increasing energy levels, it actually helps to create lower levels of perceived exhaustion. This combined with its ability to increase your concentration endorphins means you will be feeling positive, alert and be cracking your personal records!


Now, if you’re pounding the pavement for inner and outer health, the great news is caffeine increases your bodies ability to burn fat by enhancing its use of fat as fuel. If you get your caffeine hit with a pure black cold brew coffee like Fist Press, unlike some other performance drinks,  there is no unhealthy additives so it’s also calorie free.


‘But First Press’ we hear you cry, ‘I don’t like black coffee’. Until now. The unique First Press Cold Drip extraction method creates a less acidic brew with a smooth taste and low acidity. It’s made to drink black and is gentle on your stomach and digestive system. Its even better than cold brew.


We admit he’s biased, but we asked Hamish about his love of First Press concentrate as part of his pre-run ritual “I really struggle running on a full stomach so for me coffee with milk is just not an option. A First Press Little Kicker from the fridge and straight from the bottle about 15 minutes before a run is a simple, natural way to get a great boost. Our cold drip extraction method also mean you get all the boost, with none of the usual crash associated with coffee – a must if you’re planning on running any kind of distance”


Still not convinced? Check out what some of the experts are saying:

Dulloo, A. G et al. Normal caffeine consumption: influence on thermogenesis and daily energy expenditure in lean and postobese human volunteers. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 1989 January; 49 (1) 44-50.

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Gliottoni, R. C. & Motl, R.W. Effect of Caffeine on Leg-Muscle Pain During Intense Cycling Exercise: Possible Role of Anxiety Sensitivity. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 2008 (18) 103-115.

No more excuses! Get some Little Kickers in the fridge and get those sneakers on.


First Press 100ml Little Kickers available online here, or from a stockist near you.


First Press Turns 5! Here’s what we’ve learnt so far. . .

A few weeks ago we celebrated First Press’ 5th birthday. It is safe to say it has been a wild ride so far! One thing we love here at First Press – almost more than a fresh batch of our concentrate – is parties. So we decided to throw a birthday bash to celebrate our 5th year in the business-sphere, and invite our friends, family, mentors and supporters to celebrate with us.

The result was a night to remember complete with espresso martinis on tap, delicious food from Goldilocks lunch box, an epic playlist and heartfelt speeches in the company of an amazing group of people.

The highlight was thanking our community personally and sharing some of the (exhilarating) highs and (terrifying) lows of starting and growing First Press.

In this post we’ll share some of the highlights from our speech, including the major milestones experienced, some of our biggest learnings to date and a few behind-the-scenes challenges that we haven’t shared publicly before. Keep scrolling for this, plus pics from our birthday party! If you’re a creative, entrepreneur, business owner or someone with a passion project you want to launch, we hope that our insights will help you along your way.


It’s all in the numbers

When we started First Press back in 2013, we knew we were in for a big ride. What we didn’t know – or expect – was just how big this journey was going to be.

One of our steepest learning curves has definitely been in sales. In the early days we brewed and bottled First Press out of our apartments to sell at single digit temperature farmer’s markets, eventually moving on to approaching stores and cafés directly. With cold drip still pretty much unheard of in Australia at the time, we faced a lot of reluctance and rejection – with Jimmy even being laughed out of a cafe once!

Eventually after much walking around explaining the benefits of cold drip and encouraging basically anyone we met to try our coffee, a few stores and cafés took First Press on board, the word spread and our sales started to grow. Today First Press is sold in independent retailers, health food stores and cafés around Australia, as well as through our online store, and we have become the leading cold drip brand in the market.

Sales is often one of the biggest challenges for any new founder; hearing no over and over can really take its toll on even the most resilient founder, and it was no different for us. But we learnt that sometimes sales is just a numbers game; the more you put yourself out there, the more experience and confidence you’ll gain and eventually you’ll find ‘your people’ – the ones who say a resounding yes to your product and are willing to bet on you and your business. A key learning was reframing our sales process. Rather than focusing on the yes, we used it as a practicing tool to eloquently express our pitch, and learnt through every rejection. This took away the pressure of results we didn’t have control over at that stage.

Life is like a box of chocolates…

Or in this case, Little Kickers. A huge learning for us has been to always be ready and willing to respond quickly to change. Most startup journeys are like a rollercoaster ride where at first everything’s humming along well, you’re on a steady ascent and excited as you keep reaching higher… only to all of a sudden be surprised by an unexpected, daunting drop.

We definitely had a few roadblocks that tested our dedication to the business. We had some serious challenges in meeting demand for our product while trying to build our own production facility to make First Press on scale. We’ve also run dangerously close to running out of money if it wasn’t for our alternative (short-lived) careers as Uber drivers, learning how to make cash-flow forecasts and most importantly, being proactive. You might not always know what’s coming in startup life, but the more you are willing to be flexible, the easier you’ll get past any hurdles.

You are your business

The most surprising thing on our business journey has been the level of personal growth that comes with running a business. Starting a business really puts every insecurity at the forefront and brings up emotions and sides of ourselves that we hadn’t seen. Our fears, any self-doubt and how we react to stress are inevitably bound to be tested at some point, usually in very challenging moments.

The best way out is through. This meant that we had to face those feelings directly instead of distracting ourselves from the problem. Speaking for ourselves, our biggest areas of exponential growth has come from facing our fears and supporting the other to do the same. Knowing that there is an ebb and flow to things and that the challenging moments will pass, is another. Failure, success and growth all go together and if you can learn to embrace all sides of running a business, both the positive and the difficult moments, you’ll be able to withstand any challenge coming your way. And you will inevitably grow immensely as a person during the journey.

What’s next?

To wrap up, we also shared a few of the very exciting things that we have in the pipeline for First Press. We have a new product launch planned for summer and more initiatives to grow brand awareness and give back to our community. We are also laying down the foundations for expansion into Asia, larger distribution across Australia and establishing direct relationships with our coffee farmers to ensure greater sustainability from farm to cold drip.

We hope you enjoyed this post and sharing in the learnings we have had from our five years in business! If you’d like to stay updated on news, product launches, events and all the exciting things happening at First Press, sign up for our newsletter below.

Jimmy & Hamish
Co-founders, First Press Coffee

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