Hot Chocolate Chilli (little) Kicker

Looking for a healthy(ish) alternative to stave off the 3pm slump? Ditch the cold brew and get into this sweet and spicy brew!

If you love your afternoon cold drip but crave something that also satisfies your sweet tooth, this recipe is sure to save you from raiding the office cupboard for treats when that dreaded post-lunch brain fog sets in.

Did we mention it’s also spicy, smooth and chocolate-y with a surprising hit of coffee.. and takes approx. 2 minutes to make. Two. Minutes. Yes please.

Whoever came up with the brilliant combination chocolate and chilli definitely deserves a Michelin star-type award. But we dare say that with the addition of a First Press shot, this definitely takes the humble hot choc to a new level. And who knows, it might just become your new favourite hot drink.


Fiery Sweet Beans – makes 1

1.5 cups milk (almond/coconut/soy/regular)
1 tsp. raw cacao OR 3-4 squares dark chocolate (we used Chow Cacao)
1 tsp. honey
Small pinch chili
1/2 bottle Little Kicker

Mix all ingredients in a pot except coffee, whisk to make sure cacao powder blends and heat gently on the stove. If using dark chocolate, break up chocolate into smaller pieces, add to milk and stir continuously until melted. When hot choc is simmering (not boiling), pour into your favourite cup and add 1/2 bottle Little Kicker. Enjoy!

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