Wrapping up 2017 with Hamish & Jimmy

Q&A with Hamish + Jimmy

It’s been a big year for First Press. Amongst the common trials and tribulations of growing First Press, a few big changes have taken place. A new production facility has been built, the RTD range has finally hit the shelves with a brand revamp & expansion into two new states, keeping us both on our toes.

Among these changes we have learnt some great lessons, strengthened our community and are ready for a rambunctious 2018.

The First Press Family sitting patiently, awaiting consumption…

Sum up 2017 in three words:

J: Pushing the limits
H: Into the wild

Biggest lesson learnt in 2017:

J: The value of our community around us. We don’t feel energised both personally and as a business if we aren’t connecting with others around us and looking for opportunities to collaborate and grow as a community. We are incredibly grateful to have such an amazing network of suppliers, customers and friends. Without them we have nothing.
H: Having a deeper understanding of our coffee has made me fall in love with the industry. Meeting the farmer and seeing how much heart goes into the process from seed to bottle has made me infinitely more inspired to sell great coffee. Transparency has become incredibly important and we believe that the wider world needs to understand the process that has gone into their cup of coffee.

Biggest challenge:

J: Trying to release two new products, expanding into two states whilst in the middle sneaking a month long expedition to Burning Man (sorry Hamish) was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to juggle.
H: Scaling up our production facility while still keeping the heart and soul of something that you used to make in a small batch cold drip coffee.

 Favourite collaboration:

J: We are incredibly rapped with brand revamp and design of our new products. Meeting Sons of Smith has made us think deeper about our brand, what we want to express from our products and what we are really trying to bring to the shelves. This work make you realise that it’s a lot deeper than just cold drip coffee.
H: Our partnership with our roaster Rumble has taught us immensely about the coffee industry. They put transparency, quality and good ethics above everything and this transfers to the amazing beans they source.

Finish this sentence: Next year we will…..

J: Bring out two new products that will change the face of the cold coffee market.
H: Really start to explore how we can innovate in the environmental space and give back to the planet.

Adios Muchachos!

The Stockist Page is Back

As you have no doubt noticed we have been slowly updating our website over the past 6 months. In this process we have had to take our stockist page down to update the locations.

We are happy to announce that the stockist page is up and running so you can find your closest First Press Cold Drip coffee  source in the click (maybe two) of a button.

If you want to find your closest stockist head over to this page and replenish your fridge now!

Thank you for your patience through this process and stay tuned for more updates and many more stockists over the coming months.

The team who roasts our coffee, Rumble

The team who roasts our coffee, Rumble.

There are many hands and minds that contribute to the coffee in your bottle of First Press. This post is a shout out to one of those very important contributors to the process: our roaster.


Rumble coffee roasters began roasting in 2014 and are the creation of Matt, Joe & Stan. They started the business because they could see an opportunity to help cafes succeed in selling more great quality coffee. Their sourcing focuses on taste and seasonality. Knowing that each crop is produced once a year in each country, they work tirelessly on finding great coffee from all regions of the coffee growing world. At the moment they have some delicious Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees (our new product will feature one of these delicious Ethiopains).

These guys focus on service and this has been clear to us in the time we have worked with them. They are honest and will let us know if a coffee that we are sourcing is up (or not up) to the First Press standard. Sometimes, the tasting room doesn’t always equate to what the coffee will taste through Sputnik (the name of our machine).  They go through much effort to find the right bean for your enjoyment.

If you also like brewing yourself, get onto their website for a subscription or you can pop into their Kensington fit out and buy some onsite. Thanks lads!

First Press Coffee, cold brew fancied.

The origins of our coffee

One thing that we learned very early in the journey of First Press was how the quality of the bean impacts many aspects of the coffee experience. Firstly, you simply cannot get away with using a low quality coffee when serving a cold brew coffee. The taste comes through clearly and the tasting notes are accentuated when you decrease the acidity of the cold brew. Secondly, we learned very quickly that different grades of coffee impact your body significantly. A high grade coffee extracted under the right conditions can leave you feeling clear, focused and strong. In comparison, a low grade coffee can leave you feeling anxious, on edge and quite uncomfortable.
We think the quality of the bean is inextricably linked to how the farmer treats the land, their staff and the community around them, and this transfers to the drop in your bottle of First Press. The gift of coffee allows us to appreciate the love and dedication that has gone into the harvesting of the coffee plant in different climates and regions of the world.
The current specialty grade coffee beans we are using for our Naked and Black Cacao range hails from Fazenda Santo Antonio in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil. Joao Newton, the owner, is the third generation of coffee growers in the region and owns Santo Antonio. It is not uncommon for many of the smaller farms in Brazil to be owned and managed by the farmer. This is a Rainforest Alliance certified coffee and the farm contributes significantly to the reforestation of the area. Rainforest Alliance is a not for profit organisation that works in 78 countries to conserve forests, support sustainable living and restore balance on the planet. This includes efforts to bring back many of the native plants and trees that the biodiversity of the region. The San Antonio farms focus on the use of advanced technology while also preserving the environment, and has been influential in the development and training of the local inhabitants in this area.
The bean itself is pulped natural and is grown at an elevation of 1140m. It is a variety of Arabica called Red Mundo Novo. The sweetness is high and we have chosen this bean because of the strong presence of dark chocolate in both taste and aroma. Enjoy the drop, much love has gone into the process 🙂

Subscriptions are live!

This one is for those who take cold drip very seriously. Sometimes the plate is too full to remember to order your First Press. Why not solve this little conundrum by having your cold drip delivered to your door on subscription?

With our coffee subscriptions you can choose to have your cold drip delivered fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly and have the luxury of having First Press always in your fridge!

Plus, we may send you out the occasional gift and you will receive a discount for being on our VIP list. It is also a great gift idea for that friend who loves to drink First Press.

Let the coffee gods rain the precious drops of cold drip on your front door step.

We can all drink to that 🙂

First Press Cold Drip – Cold Brew, fancied.

Bio-Hacking with First Press Coffee

So we all know that coffee can get us in the mood… (no, not that mood). The mood for productivity, getting things done and achieving goals. Rather than view coffee as something to help you get out of bed in the morning, we would rather redefine it as an accelerant of focus and a way for you to lift yourself both physically and mentally. So, we have put together a few little hacks to get the most out of your cold brew. You won’t need a lab for these methods, or yak butter.


Now we love having coffee, at all times of the day! But alas, science has a reason we shouldn’t reach for coffee immediately after you wake up. Generally, your cortisol levels are highest at this time of the day and the body is essentially caffeinating itself. Pumping yourself with coffee at this time won’t really do much and you will build a tolerance. Additionally, pumping your cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the morning may make you react like a car cutting you off is a military attack. Allowing your hormone levels to naturally work with their circadian rhythm in the morning will keep you in a more balanced state throughout the day and have you ready for that first cup around 9:30 am (depending on your rhythm).

No milk

We won’t go into the science of avoiding milk or dairy, but simply say that black coffee, like cold brew or cold drip, has a much more beneficial effect on your performance, both mentally and physically. Milk will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and decrease the amount of prime focus you will receive form your coffee. Any milk will generally have this impact, especially if drinking on an empty stomach. If this is too much of a leap at least try and reduce the amount of milk in the cup

Can I have some fat with that?

If you are one to fast and have coffee on an empty stomach, try and add a little fat. We love pouring a little dose of coconut MCT oil in our coffee. This won’t put as much stress on your adrenals (stopping that crash) and soften the impact of coffee on your nervous system.

Make a list.

We said that coffee is an accelerant of focus. Meaning that if you don’t really have a plan of what you want to do, then you might find yourself running around the house like a puppy about to go for a walk. You might think you are being productive but find yourself job switching and being distracted with shiny things and websites that tell you all about your friends. Having a strict list of things to do, removing all obstacles and hustling until you finish is an activity that thrives on the energy of the coffee bean. Look up the Pomodoro Technique for a method to avoid distractions.

Have the occasional break.

In a brief description, coffee restricts the effectiveness of adenosine in our system and increases hormones like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine (the feel good hormones). Essentially, the more times we reach for coffee, the less impact caffeine has on our system. Limited the amount you have and occasionally having a day (or 2) can help reset this tolerance and have you getting the most out of your First Press.

Hopefully, these little pointers can have you reaching for the stars after your First Press.

The many uses of Cold Brew

Over the years, we have had many chances to enjoy First Press. From it’s humble beginnings in the June 2013 we used to enjoy the very first batches before a run or gym session in the morning. This then grew to keeping us fuelled during white board sessions and those long nights of hand bottling to order. Since then, there has been many an occasion where First Press has been enjoyed. Here is just a few to get your imaginations rolling!


Although the responsibilities of business and mature age have reformed our priorities, we remember our roots from creating First Press, the party. First Press is an excellent addition to the party, giving a delightful base for espresso martinis. For those who want to break free from the generic arrival with a wine or cheese platter to your friends gathering: Try a bottle of FP, vodka and some coffee liqueur  in hand. You will soon find yourself with many people in close vicinity in desperate curiosity towards your creations.


Sometimes lying down on some lush grass after a few too many nibbles on an antipasto can you leave you tired and unmotivated to pick up that frisbee. Reach for First Press, some ice and you are will find yourself completing some aerobatics you didn’t think were possible. No machine, no mess, no need for a cafe.


Those long walks and philosophical banter can have you hanging for a cuppa, and sometimes the fire isn’t lit (or allowed). A bottle of cold brew will have you back in the game and reaching for those stars.


The ultimate travel companion. We are not sure why this hasn’t been done, but our technologically advanced civilisation still hasn’t worked out how to provide quality coffee to passengers on a plane. Be sure to take a kicker with you to absolve you from needed to drink their pathetic percolated excuse of a drink. Oh, and if you see Richard Branson on the street, please take him a kicker and tell him he needs this on his planes. We have tried.


This can double up for anyone wanting to stay for an extended period of time within a small area stomping to the sound of music. The days of vodka and redbull left when you turned 20, and sometimes you want something that isn’t in the form of alcohol (and fits in your pocket). Bring the kicker! Oh and a little disclaimer, stay hydrated with water as well.

Coffee: Natures pre-workout

While the morning coffee has become a productivity ritual for workers the world over, less attention is often paid to the incredible physical effects coffee and natural caffeine can have on our bodies. With Summer approaching and drive to get in shape increases, we thought it was time to delve into the science of this miraculous bean and the benefits it can have as part of an active lifestyle!


Research has shown that one coffee can help us increase our resting metabolic rate by 3-4%. Consumed regularly over a 12 hour period, it can also create an increase in energy expenditure of 8-11%. Wonder why your feeling so awake? The body is drawing more energy and increasing your metabolism so you can get stuff done!


If your ready to hit the gym, the caffeine from coffee can release fatty acids from your fat tissues to be used as fuel during your workout. As these acids are released, adrenaline is also released helping you have gains of 11-12% in physical performance. If you’re looking for an even bigger boost on your big day, cut back on your caffeine intake for a few days beforehand to diminish your dependance and tolerance for caffeine.

cold drip coffee fitness


Caffeine consumed before a workout has been shown to significantly reduce your body’s pain threshold, making it the perfect additive to your next gruelling session. Having an increased pain threshold means that little voice in the back of your head telling you to stop comes a little bit later than normal, helping you reach peak performance at higher intensities for longer periods of time.


A study from the University of Illinois found that when consuming the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee before a workout, test subjects experienced a reduction in post-workout muscle soreness of up to 48%. This means you can work hard and bounce back the next day without looking like you need a walking frame.


If you’re the competitive type, a caffeine kick can help you lift your mental game when playing competitive sports. Research shows that caffeine consumption improved players accuracy, mental performance and cognitive function on the soccer field. Not only can caffeine lift your performance physically, it can also make you smarter on the field.


If you’re looking to really push your competitive advantage with caffeine, there are a few extra steps you can take to get the most out of your coffee.

First off, avoid adding sugar. Research shows that consuming high amounts of carbohydrates with coffee can inhibit the stimulatory effects of caffeine. Reducing the amount of milk you have with your coffee can also help to speed up the digestion of caffeine while also reducing its calories.

As well as cutting the additives, the method of extraction can also help you move the needle on your performance. With less acidity than regular coffee and a taste that requires no milk, sugar or additives, cold drip coffee allows you to enjoy the smoother taste of coffee without all of the performance inhibiting additives. The body loves simplicity!

An active lifestyle is an essential part of a healthy life. Kick your summer body into gear early with the pure natural energy of caffeine and its incredible performance enhancing properties!



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